Flowers blooming on the floodplain

This year Peru suffered from the worst flash flooding (Huayco) in years. The water is now gone, and things are now dry. This year I've seen a lot more plant life on the Huayco plain than I usually do. There are flowers everywhere. There are also some interesting insects too. I've been staying at the observatory for a week, participating in a campaign of observations that are trying to observe radar echoes from the Sun.
In the far distance, you can see the Jicamarca Radio Observatory. The whole valley was pretty much covered with water flowing during this years flash flooding. On the right is Sterling Hill, and on the left Merri Hill

Plant life!


More flowers

Even more flowers.

Again, I have no idea what species this is. It looks like a big sand colored locust.


  1. I remember catching grasshoppers like that when I was a kid! I even built a little bug-house for them.


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