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Fireball observed over Northern Finland and Sweden on 2020-12-04 13:30:37 UTC

We've recently installed a meteor camera system in Skibotn with the help of Ketil Vegum, Steinar Midskogen, and Torsten Aslaksen. This meteor camera uses software developed by Steinar Midskogen and is connected to the Norwegian meteor network. This meteor camera was commissioned on the night of Thursday 2020-12-03. Already on the very next day, we observed a spectacular fireball. This meteor was observed in daylight and it was approximately -13 apparent magnitude (very rough estimate) -- i.e., about as bright as the full Moon [ see Steinar's write-up ]. There were many eyewitness reports of this event as well. Because there is another meteor camera station operated by Ketil Vegum in Sørreisa, a triangulation of the trajectory was possible. Here's a video of the event captured with both cameras:   Video credits: Steinar Midskogen, University of Tromsø, and Ketil Vegum.   The fireball was associated the the Northern Taurids meteor shower. Based on the entry velocity (30 km/

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