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Here are some plots that I've seen on the WhatsApp campaign chat. These are all still work in progress, but give an indication of what's going on.

Matthias Clahsen has been processing meteor detections in Bornim, using the new compressive sensing detection, and the meteor radar detection and fitting algorithm. There are about 16000 detections per day for this link, which is pretty good. The zonal and meridional wind fits are also shown in this plot.  The sparse target model maximum a posteriori estimate (compressive sensing) based target complex scattering amplitude detection provides a near optimal solution to the MIMO radar signal processing task (multiple simultaneous transmitters and multiple receiver). Here is an example plot from Nico, which shows six meteors in a period of 20 seconds.  The cool part about software defined radio, is that the same system can also be used to listen into another radar. At the same time as the Bornim system listens in on the Kühlungsborn sp…

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