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ESA and EISCAT 3D Space Debris Simulation Hackathon

Last week, Daniel Kastinen from Institute for Space Physics (IRF), and Sebastian Hesselbach from Technical University of Braunschweig visited Tromsø. We are all collaborating on an ESA project, which intends to determine how well the new EISCAT 3D radar would function as a radar that tracks and catalogs space debris. You can find three scary informercials on this topic here: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3.

Our purpose was to integrate the Space Object Radar Tracking Simulator (SORTS) program to orbit determination software (SMART) developed in Braunschweig. Amongst other things, we worked on: data formats, Python-Fortran wrappers, propagator optimization and debugging, restructuring of code, initial orbit determination algorithm, and changes to the tracklet output directory structure. We made a lot of progress, and are now at a point where we can create hundreds of thousands of simulated EISCAT 3D tri-static radar tracks of objects and feed them into the orbit determination system. I even…

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