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Integration at NASA Wallops Flight Facility

In preparation for the launch of the SPID (smoke particle impact detector) in january 2019, our team from UiT traveled from Tromsø to Wallops, Virginia, to integrate our instrument on the front deck of a terrier-mk12 improved malemute sounding rocket. Our goal is to measure meteroic smoke particles in the winter mesosphere. Considering the small size of these particles (less than a few nanometers in diameter) conducting in-situ measurements of these is a daunting task. Hopefully our probe will serve as a proof-of-concept, paving the way into a further understanding of our atmosphere.

The following is a series of pictures, taking us through the process of integration at Wallops Flight Facility.

Meanwhile, the people at Wallops were preparing for another launch the following day, leaving us to working on decoding the signal we aquired through the first day of testing.

On day 3, Wallops was conducting the launch of the RockSat-X mission, which we got to see close up. Needless to say, it …

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