Making Moon Maps

You know what I love?  Really cool maps.

You know what I hate?  The color schemes for scientific maps of the Moon.  I don’t know why.  Honestly, what is this nonsense?  Can anyone read that invisible script?  And I know rainbow topographic maps are the norm, but Jeez Louise.  If I wanted to burn my eyeballs out, I’d just use the soldering iron.

Maybe it’s because I’m a closet Luddite, but I get tired staring at screens all day. So I wanted a darker color scheme that is a bit more soothing on the eyes, while still keeping text readable, and having color-coded features so I can easily search things like Mare, craters, spacecraft, etc.

Next up, I wanted to make a geologic (selenologic?) map.  Because those are all somehow worse.  Honestly, Jackson Pollock had more color sense than this.

At long last, I found a straightforward geological survey, and made it more readable:

Here I was less concerned with the text than with having colors that contrast nicely, making it easy to see the different rock formations as a whole.

More forthcoming!