First post

Welcome! This is a new weblog that aims to chronicle the doings of a cohort of space physicists in Northern Norway. Most of us are affiliated with University of Tromsø. However, this blog is not an official news outlet of the aforementioned institution. We also expect that over time, there will be contributors from all over the world.

We intend to publish daily posts by a number of authors. The range of topics will evolve over time, but we expect to cover topics including: plasma physics, high power large aperture radars, radio science, rocket measurements, aurora, cameras, mathematical methods, programming, radio astronomy, and radar astronomy. We will also be closely following the construction of EISCAT 3D, the next generation incoherent scatter radar, which will be built in the next four years in Skibotn, Northern Norway.

We also expect to occasionally include postings about topics not at all related with our work in the field of space physics. We expect to write about e.g., camping, skiing, hiking, and quite a lot about huskies. Our intention is to continue with the style of the now discontinued KAIRA blog, to which several of the authors of this weblog have contributed to in the past years.

We haven't committed to a definite name for our blog yet. The current working name is "Seiðr", an old norse word for sorcery -- of which science is a modern version of. What this means as an acronym is still not completely clear. Maybe: Space physics, Eccentricity, and Inverse problems -- Daily Reports (Seiðr). Expect the meaning of the acronym to also evolve over time.