KAIRA backups

There are several backups of selected sections of the KAIRA data set held at UiT. One is a small data farm which is located in the PhD office. Each disk is a few terabytes. But there is a rather odd arrangement for supporting them.

All the cardboard and paper and plastic around the black disk boxes serves a purpose. The cardboard underneath is sound insulation, to keep the noise down in what is otherwise a quiet work room. The cardboard on the sides and the collar at the top is to hold the disks in place. You certainly don't want one accidentally knocked over! These also keep the disks spaced apart from each other for thermal reasons. The covers at the top are partly thermal but mostly to stop dust settling on the disks when they are powered down.

The cabling to the side is the USB3.0 distribution network, along with a power bus. Oh, and there is emergency tea... just in case!

There is some speculation that the cover of the top is a reference to the arches of antediluvian temples that  dot the Tromsø landscape. But that is just paranoia. Or is it...?


  1. You do know that you now have to make another dust cover.


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