Tundra cotton

There are some nice plants in this part of the world. But their season is the short Arctic summer. During this time, all the plants rush to flower making the place go from white to drab dirt to green and colour in short order. One of my favourite plants is cottonsedge (Eriophorum). Locally, it is known as Myrull or Myrfivel . However, I call it Tundra Cotton. Here's the reference (does anyone recognise it?)...

  • Not all Nords are savages wrapped in animal skins, howling at the moon. There are a wide variety of fabrics worn throughout the land, thanks in no small part to the stubborn Tundra Cotton plant. It soaks up what rain it can in the plains west of Whiterun, and blooms frequently. While it does not exhibit any of the more striking alchemical properties, it is a staple in potions for not only fortifying magicka, but for resisting spells as well. I wonder if that quality is what allows it to have adapted so well to this climate.
Falia, A., "A Herbalist's Guide"

Oh, and in the background, you can see the HF antenna from our recent campaign.


  1. The reference is from a video game called Skyrim. In the game, set in a pseudo-Scandinavia, Tundra Cotton is a plant you can harvest for herbalism

  2. I had forgotten that where I’d heard the term tundra cotton, but when I plucked a piece today, the name sprang to mind immediately as to what to call it. It really ought to be named Tundra Cotton!

  3. Funny, I had forgotten about where the name tundra cotton came from, but when I plucked one of these today, that name came to mind immediately as to what to call it. It SHOULD be called tundra cotton!

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