Do you get to the Cloud District very often?

Oh, what am I saying? Of course you don't.
Probably due to the fact that the Cloud District is located in a far away town in a far away land with grandiose mountains and the occasional dragon passing by. Not quite so! If you subtract the dragon, the Cloud District is very much a real place, located in the outer reaches of Tromsø University campus.
Serving as a sanctuary for the forlorn acolytes of the Spacephysics group at UiT, The Cloud District has become a booming science hub, with several projects, all contained within a self-sustained area of 70 square metres.

The Cloud District employs serene surroundings, fully equipped with rustling leaves and bird chirping for maximum boost of morale and mental stamina.

The plasma-duo; Luis & Jørn are working on ray-tracing of the EoR signal. Here they are seen formulating the momentum equation for intergalactic plasma. The gods are pleased.

Is there an error here? Asking for a friend.

Here we have Harald diligently working on analysing Arecibo data. 

So room 2.103 aka The Cloud District, previously a final resting place for retired science projects is now flourishing.
As for myself, I am continuing the work on a receiver array for a proposed ionosonde system, currenctly nicknamed INOPERATIVE  -  IoNOsPheric ElectRomAgneTIc waVe rEceiver. 
Stay tuned.


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  2. Everything is in "The Cloud" nowadays. Might as well have all the students in the cloud too.


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