Arecibo Graveyard, Part #1

The the last two weeks, I've been at the Arecibo Observatory doing some incoherent scatter radar observations of the E-region of the ionosphere with my buddy Jonathan Fentzke. Arecibo is in many ways the most sensitive radar in the world. I was very happy to see that the radar is back up and running, after encountering a lot of destruction during the Maria hurricane, which passed directly over Arecibo.

While investigating the possibility of installing a new ionosonde at the observatory, we visited an area that is used to store all the old RF gear that has come to the end of it's life. I've always liked the look of RF hardware, so I took a lot of pictures. I will post some more later. Here's a picture of some old 430 MHz radar klystrons.  
Old 430 MHz transmitter klystrons at the Arecibo Observatory graveyard.