Polar bear and dogsledding

While out dogsledding in the valley below The Kjell Henriksen Observatory we came by the tracks of the polar bear that recently visited the area. According to reports it had a few days earlier been in a close encounter with a party of dogsledding tourists where the guide luckily managed to chase it away with a rope. Before we ventured out the local authorities had reported the bear being chased by helicopter across a glacier over to a neighboring valley.

With the polar night still dominating most of the day, travelling out and about means a lot less overview of your surroundings and any encounter with a bear will by default be a close one.
One therefore have to take the necessary precautions in terms of equipment and have a plan for any unforeseen events that may occur.

We are currently in full preparation for the annual darkseason dograce stretching 150km through the lands. Getting in the necessary training is key if we are to have any chance of competing with the bigger dog-yards.