Dr McKay, I presume?

Last Friday marked the PhD defense of Dr Derek McKay's thesis titled: "KAIRA -- The Kilpisjärvi Atmospheric Imaging Receiver Array, Design, operations, and first scientific results". The defense was successful, and our friend shall from now on addressed using the prefix "Dr".

The thesis details the design, construction, operations, and scientific results from the KAIRA instrument, which is a pathfinder for EISCAT 3D, but also a multi-purpose geophysical radio remote sensing instrument in its own right. KAIRA has pioneered all-sky interferometric multi-frequency riometry, made very high quality broad band observations of ionospheric scintillations, demonstrated the feasibility of the bi-static phased array incoherent scatter radar technique, performed around the clock solar radio emissions observations (during the summer), operated as a bi-static phased array receiver for meteor radars, and for the MAARSY MST radar. KAIRA has produced over 10 scientific papers, and countless conference abstracts. Dr McKay has played a key role in nearly every KAIRA related study so far.

I'll update this post, when I find the link the to electronic version of the thesis.

Update: the electronic version of the thesis is here.

Here are some pictures.
Introduction to thesis.
Second oppoent: Dr. Philip Erickson, MIT.
First opponent: Dr. Andrew Kavanagh, BAS.

Happy supervisors after thesis defense accepted.
A PhD in Finland is typically equipped with a sword.